Ghost Recon Wildlands will Take Biggest Map

The game of Ghost Recon Wildlands was just closed its close beta earlier this month. If you have no idea what it will look like, do not worry because the developer has confirmed that the open beta will come several weeks before the official release. In other words, the open beta will be available soon before the release on March 7, 2017. This is not a big surprise actually since Ubisoft has ever talked about his in a teleconference on November last year. But, this big game developer just clarified the details when the open beta will come out even though they didn’t say the specific date of it yet.

What’s New?

We would help you catching up the Ghost Recon Wildlands in this article so that you won’t miss anything from this game. First off, the Wildlands will come with large and vast open map. The technical art of Wildlands said in an interview that the map consists of twenty one regions at all. It also includes 11 natural biomes that live depending on their own climates. There are also some animals living on this open world game. The setting was taken from Bolivia in some years from now. The players should stop the cartel from making trouble in this world. The game is pretty good in very high quality graphic.

Free-living NPC

Because of the vast open world of Ghost Recon Wildlands, it contains many NPCs in the game. Of course, the designers should have worked more to give free-living NPC thigh the game. They claim that the NPC will animate the details here. They will wake up, get to work and sleep through time flies whether you interact with them or not. Of course, this will be fun to play the Wildlands. It is still on beta phase, though. Players will be free to accomplish the missions or just play around this big map.The world may react to the action that made in by the players.


At last, the game will be released for couple weeks remaining. The players can either play solo or co-op with four players at once. The Ghost Recon Wildlands will hit several modern consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Pc gamers will also be able to try out the game. Ubisoft also will launch the short live action movie based on the game setting soon. It will also take place at the game universe. We just can’t wait the Wildlands anymore. The game will hit the game stores on March 7.